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Hotel Varaha Valley, Kodaikanal. Booked via OYO Rooms

February 09, 2016

I booked this hotel for one day extension of my family vocation at Kodaikanal. Booked via OYO Rooms (YSIG7380) for Rs.1700 for a day.

Hotel Varaha Valley is listed in OYO Rooms as Premium Property, I don't know why, while there is no such thing starting from the reception.

First impression is the best impression. Their guest reception was not well and nothing like Premium. They even don't care about our arrival and never noticed us. We have to carry our packages, waited at the reception desk for about 10 minutes asking him to check-in for about 5 times, they just don't care.

There is no sign board for OYO Rooms. Only good thing is the Room, neat and clean. That's All.

Hello OYO, tell me what is the meaning of Premium?

What I Liked:

  • Neat and Clean room.
What I Don't Liked:
  • Very limited parking space, only 7 or 8 cars can be parked.
  • No Kids Playground.
  • Worst Breakfast.
  • Wow what a food. Worst tasting food. Don't even eat curd rice.
  • Worst ever guest welcome reception.
  • Non friendly staffs, looking terrible.
  • There is no OYO Toiletry kit, even there is no water bottle in the room. 
  • No OYO Rooms sign board. You will get confused.
  • If you ask them anything, there answer will not polite and responsive.
  • Photos of the room and the real one is different.
  • It's Premium Property, but even there is No View.
Finally there is no premium at all, it's below average for the price. I was expected something good like my last stay at Pondicherry. Because it's premium property, so I expected a premium experience better then previous one.
No recommended for family and couples, the staffs are looking good and not a guest friendly. You don't feel safe.
I wanted to write a review about this property on their website, but there is no such feature. So be careful about the property you are booking via OYO Rooms. Another problem with OYO Rooms is that they won't display the property name before making the booking. So you have no way to read reviews of the property. So you have to just book blindly.
In future, OYO Rooms is my last choice.
My Rating: 5/10

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